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Specialized Programs

These programs are designed to activate the role of Juffali Training Center in enhancing the efficiency of workers in the labor market according to the available specialties.
– Automotive Electrical and Electronics
– Continuous Fuel Injection
– Electronic Fuel Injection
– Motronic Fuel Injection Systems
– Anti-lock Braking and Tire Skid Prevention Systems
– Automotive Electrical Wiring Diagrams
– Anti-theft Systems in Cars
– Basics of Electrical Circuits
– Electrical Installations
– Industrial Control Equipment Installations
– Power Equipment and Generators
– Measurement Techniques
– Technical Drawing (Part 1)
– Technical Drawing (Part 2)
– Electric Welding (Basic Course)
– Electric Welding (Part 2)
– Electric Welding Using Inert Gas TAG
– Electric Welding Using Inert Gas MAG
– Oxy-Acetylene Welding Basic Course
– Oxy-Acetylene Welding Part 2
– Diesel Basics
– Basics of Lathe, Planing, Milling, and Drilling Machines
– Sequential Injection Pumps Part 1
– Sequential Injection Pumps Part 2
– Distributed Injection Pumps – VE Part 3
– Sequential Injection Pumps Part 4
– Electronic Injection Pumps
– Engine Testing
– Gearboxes
– Front Axle Alignment
– Automotive Electrical and Electronics (Part 1)
– Automotive Electrical and Electronics (Part 2)



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