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To successfully achieve the training goals and enrich the professional and technical skills of the trainees, JTC closely collaborates with the group’s companies. This collaboration ensures that trainees acquire the necessary skills through the approach of on-the-job training, which is well-received by companies, factories, and workshops. The training program includes ample periods during which trainees are present at work and production sites for several important reasons, the most significant of which are:
• Getting acquainted with the type of activity required in the respective company.
• Familiarizing themselves with the company’s location, working hours, and the systems and arrangements followed.
• Meeting the work team there, as they will later become one of them.
• Removing the fear of starting work, making them feel like a member of the work family.
• Documenting their experience through reports submitted to the training management for approval in their practical test results.
From this perspective, the Juffali Group and its spin-off and allied companies serve as a fertile oasis for achieving this harmony, including:
1. The National Automobile Industry Company.
2. Juffali Industrial Equipment Company.
3. Juffali Automotive Company.
4. The Arabian Metal Industries Company.
5. Liebherr.
6. Juffali Technical Equipment Company.
7. Juffali Home Appliances Company.
8. Juffali Air Conditioning, Mechanical, and Electrical Company.
9. The Arabian Chemicals Company.
10. The Saudi Air Conditioners Manufacturing Company.



We offer accurate, reliable, and ethical training led by our expert staff. We employ the fastest and most reliable methods for your benefit.


Our long-term commitment extends until the job is fully completed. We forge solid, long-term relationships with all the companies we collaborate with.
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