IT Support Services

General Mechanics

This department aims to graduate skilled Saudi Technical Staff equipped to handle various mechanical industrial equipment. We focus on developing both basic and specialized skills, including:

– Proficiency in operating different types of measuring devices and tools.
– Mastery of lathe skills to efficiently handle tasks on lathe machines.
– Training on Scraping machines to effectively control their operations.
– Competence in operating Milling machines to accomplish tasks with precision.
– Expertise in working with gears of all types and shapes.
– Training on the usage of all Direct Measuring Devices.
– Application of actual dimensions from drawings to execute work accurately and directly.



We offer accurate, reliable, and ethical training led by our expert staff. We employ the fastest and most reliable methods for your benefit.


Our long-term commitment extends until the job is fully completed. We forge solid, long-term relationships with all the companies we collaborate with.
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