Who is the Juffali Company that owns the Juffali Training Center?


About JTC

Juffali was established in 1946, beginning with ventures in electric power, communication, and cement. The company expanded its commercial activities by representing in Saudi Arabia some of the largest international companies. Over time, Juffali’s operations extended to transportation, mobile telephones, A/C units, and more. The company also diversified into petroleum, insurance, welding, and technical equipment. In the industrial sector, Juffali established several factories producing trucks, tractors, A/C units, steel buildings, and other products. In 1977, Juffali founded a training center to qualify young Saudis for skilled labor positions in factories and workshops.


Over the past eight decades, Juffali has played an effective role in supporting and enhancing the Kingdom’s economy to its current state of prosperity and strength We continuously seek business development opportunities and maximize the benefit of individual creative ideas through joint and fruitful cooperation with our employees and partners. We are committed to creating exceptional opportunities to advance our future through an adaptive approach and ambitious future planning. We also strive to expand our markets and enhance our various business interests while committing to training and qualifying Saudi youth for work across the Kingdom.


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Juffali Training Center is a leading training institution established by Juffali in Jeddah. It is considered the first non-profit private training center established in Saudi Arabia.


Alignment with Vision 2030

In our efforts to support Saudi Vision 2030, we tirelessly work with all our partners, including Saudi universities, to implement several outstanding programs and initiatives to develop Saudi youth skills. With the support of Mr. Khaled Juffali, Chairman of Juffali Company, we aim to establish a strategic partnership with TVTC, thus enabling JTC to become an independent body that provides training to all segments of society.



Chairman of Juffali Company

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